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The service is a fully mobile one and the vehicle is stocked with a broad range of spares for effective repairs
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Handy Hints     
The door seals should be cleaned regularly with soapy and clean water & replace them if they're torn. Don't place, too heavy an oblect on the doors (Like 3 litre bottles of water or milk), because this will eventually damage the doors and hinges. Keep the vegetables in the chrisper containers, so that food will last longer. 

Washing machines

If you have, what it appears to be, oil or oily stains on your clothing, you may have to give your washing machine a general clean-up. Over a period of time suds, fabric softener, sweat and dirt can form a residue, which can accumulate within the washing machine. This residue can accumulate rapidly, by excessive use of fabric softener and detergent.
  • By following our recommendations you may solve the problem yourself, or you can call us to service your machine.
Top loading washing machines

Set your empty washing machine to hot and large and fill the machine with hot water, using the normal cycle.
  • Add 2 dishwasher tablets to the hot water and let the washing machine agitate for a few minutes, until the dishwasher tablets are dissolved.
  • Turn off the washing machine and let the hot water and chemicals react with the accumulated residue.
  • The next day continue to complete the cycle.
  • After the cycle is finished, set your machine to go through another cycle, without using the tablets, to completely flush your washing machine.
Front loading washing machines

  • Set your empty washing machine to the hot cycle and add 2 dishwasher tablets and let it fill and rotate, until the tablets are dissolved.
  • Continue as for top loading washing machines.
  • If you have hold or soak cycles, on the menu, use them instead of stopping your front loader.

* Dryers
Never leave the dryer on when there isn't anyone home. Don't overload your dryer, because this can damage your drive belt and bearings.
Never use an appliance if it's wet or damaged. Always call an electrician for advice if you have any doubts.
We recommend the use of safety switches and smoke alarms to save lives.
Please note that all the advice given is intended only as a guide and that no responsibility for loss or damage will be accepted as the result of implementation of such advice. If you are not confident about what to do, do not proceed, but call us to arrange the service for you.